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Core & Plugin Development

Local Development Setup

First, clone the necessary repositories:
$ git clone [email protected]:cortex-cms/cortex-starter.git
$ git clone [email protected]:cortex-cms/cortex.git
$ git clone [email protected]:cortex-cms/cortex-plugins-core.git
$ git clone your-plugin-repo-here.git
Use pwd to retrieve the fully qualified path for each engine, then modify each of the following files to point to the relevant local dependencies:
  • cortex/Gemfile
  • cortex/spec/dummy/package.json
  • cortex-starter/Gemfile
  • cortex-starter/package.json
For example:
# Cortex
gem 'cortex', path: '/home/testuser/repos/cortex'
gem 'cortex-plugins-core', path: '/home/testuser/repos/cortex-plugins-core'
"cortex": "/home/testuser/repos/cortex",
"cortex-plugins-core": "/home/testuser/repos/cortex-plugins-core"
Lastly, re-install dependencies in the relevant projects.

Running Test Suite

Initialize the dummy application:
$ cd cortex
$ RAILS_ENV=test spec/dummy/bin/setup
To run Ruby and JavaScript specs, utilize:
$ RAILS_ENV=test bin/rails app:spec
$ RAILS_ENV=test bin/rails app:spec:javascript