Docker Compose

Environment Preparation

Install docker and docker-compose using the installer or via your Operating System's package manager (pacman, for example), then launch the service.

cortex-starter Preparation

As cortex itself is only a Rails Engine, it needs to be mounted within a parent Rails applicaton. cortex-starter serves as a starting point for new users, with cortex and cortex-plugins-core already mounted and configured with several example ContentTypes/Decorators. Start by cloning the repository:
$ git clone [email protected]:cortex-cms/cortex-starter.git && cd cortex-starter

Provision & Launch Application

Provision and launch Cortex Starter, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq and live Webpack rebuild via Docker Compose:
$ docker-compose up
Once complete, the admin interface will be accessible locally at http://localhost:3000. To access Cortex CMS as superadmin, login as [email protected] with password welcome1.
Last modified 5yr ago