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Beta (Dynamic Content Models)

  • Employer Resources - Article and Resource portal bringing relevant content to Employers. Frontend built with Uberflip, which pulls from a Beta Cortex RSS Feed (which uses a custom RSS Decorator) - Live Site
  • Many new clients to be documented soon

Legacy (Hardcoded Content Models - Deprecated)

  • Advice and Resources - Simple Jobseeker Resources platform built atop the Consumer Web site utilizing Legacy Cortex Posts and Rails. Content will eventually be dynamically dispersed across site (result pages, description pages, etc) - Live Site
  • Employer - Redesigned Employer Marketing platform utilizing Legacy Cortex Webpages/Snippets and Rails. - Live Site
  • CB1 Lander Shell - Platform for hosting lander pages and experiments, utilizing Legacy Cortex Posts and Sinatra. - Live Site
  • - The main Consumer Web site for uses Legacy Cortex Posts for the Privacy and Terms of Service pages.
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